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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Five New Django Unchained Posters

django unchained poster

Above is the latest Django Unchained poster by Federico Mancosu. You may have seen the previous Django Unchained poster he made before the movie’s plot details were leaked. 

Django Unchained Poster

Here are a few more fan-made Django Unchained Posters I found via JustFlick and the Django Posters Tumblr. 

django unchained poster

django unchained poster

django unchained poster


Finally, I’d like to announce the creation of the Django Unchained Poster Gallery. In the gallery you will find every Django Unchained poster I’ve collected since I started this website. I intend to keep updating it with posters and other fan art as long as I keep finding it. So if there’s a Django Unchained poster you’ve seen that hasn’t been included in the gallery, then please let me know in the comments or by email.

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Executive Producer Michael Shamberg: Django Unchained is Halfway Done

michael shamberg django unchained

Michael Shamberg

According to Django Unchained’s executive producer Michael Shamberg, the Django Unchained production is “halfway through.”  Shamberg, who was also an executive producer of Pulp Fiction, recently told Slashfilm the following:

I’ve seen some stuff and it’s amazing. We’re still shooting and my partner Stacey [Sher] is producing with Pilar Savone who worked for Quentin and Reggie Hudlin. I’m exec-producing and we’re like, maybe, half-way through. You have no idea. It’s the most amazing film cause, as you know, it’s a spaghetti western about slavery and Quentin’s vocabulary is such that it’s just pure entertainment, Leonardo’s the bad guy, it’s gonna be awesome.

We’re halfway there! This only reinforces my speculation that the trailer release date will occur sometime during the summer blockbuster season.

Speaking of interviews with behind-the-scenes staff, Django Unchained’s cinematographer Robert Richardson was quoted briefly in a Film Journal article about shooting in 3D. He once again mentioned that Django Unchained is being shot on film, and had the following to say about the medium:

I am hoping that film can survive for as long as possible… Virtually every film is digitized in one way or another, so we have to think about that: the digital media sweep.” Moving forward, “I don’t think there are any limits for it. 3D is a very solid step. I believe it [can be] 15, 20%, to give an arbitrary percentage. The advantage is a tool towards what filmmakers can use, if used as just that—as a tool, not as a gimmick.

Richardson recently won an Academy Award for his work in Hugo.

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