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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Django Unchained Blog is Now on Pinterest

django unchained pinterest

Check out the new Django Unchained Blog Pinterest account. Not only will you find images and posters from our website, but we’ve also got some extras like a board full of Quentin Tarantino-inspired art. Now I’m admittedly a Pinterest noob and still learning the ropes, so feel free to leave me some Pinterest tips in the comments. Or at least tell me which film-related boards I should check out.

If you’re not on Pinterest, but are interested in an invite, then send me an email. I’ll happily share my Pinterest invites with you.

P.S. If Pinterest isn’t your thing, then we’ve still got a Twitter feed you can follow, too.

death proof fan art

Death Proof fan art found on Pinterest

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Samuel L. Jackson Reflects on His Life, Career, and Politics

samuel l. jackson django unchained

The Telegraph recently published a long article about Samuel L. Jackson. It’s an interesting read that’s mostly about his life rather than his upcoming projects. Throughout the article, Jackson speaks candidly on subjects such as his upbringing, past drug abuse, and politics. I recommend reading it if you want to learn more about the man; he has certainly lived an interesting life.

The article was light on the usual upcoming project plugs, but Jackson did offer a few quick words about Django Unchained:

I ask Jackson if it is emotional playing a slave. “It’s an eerie sort of thing. When I went to the set for the first time we pulled up to this huge cotton field and there were extras picking cotton and white guys sitting on horses. It was such a stark picture.” He won’t go into details about the plot but it’s reportedly violent and shocking. “Hopefully people will see past [that] and understand they’re watching a movie about heroism and redemption.” How, I wonder, will Jackson’s friend Spike Lee view the movie? The director has criticised white film-makers in the past for interpreting the black experience. “I’m sure he’ll have some outcry,” he laughs.

UPDATE:  Just found another excellent Samuel L. Jackson article that was published yesterday in the New York Times. Worth reading if you’re a fan.

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