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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Exclusive 60 Second Django Unchained Feature at the BET Awards

According to the official Django Unchained Twitter, an exclusive 60 second Django Unchained feature will air during the BET Awards. No word on what’s included in this feature other than that it’s “exclusive.” Hopefully this means we’ll see some new footage from the movie. If you’re looking for further incentive to watch, Samuel L. JacksonContinue Reading

New Django Unchained Picture: Leonardo DiCaprio as Calvin Candie

— IMAGE REMOVED AT THE REQUEST OF THE WEINSTEIN COMPANY — Calvin Candie must love his tobacco. Every Django Unchained still of him so far has depicted him smoking: As a side note, DiCaprio was seen smoking an electric cigarette outside of the Django Unchained set. Hopefully this role didn’t deter him from kicking hisContinue Reading