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Post Comic-Con Django Unchained News

django unchained comic-con portrait

Here’s a round-up of this past week’s Django Unchained news. The cast has been busy giving interviews and promoting the film ever since the Django Unchained Comic-Con Panel.

  • Walton Goggins finally spoke about Django Unchained in an interview with Collider. Here he talks about how he struggled with playing a racist villain in the film:

COLLIDER: As a performer, is it difficult to get into the skin of a character like this?

GOGGINS:  Yeah, absolutely! I bonded and hung out with some of the black actors, who I didn’t know but we had a lot of friends in common, when we got down to New Orleans. And then comes your first day at work, and you’ve got to say and do these things. While liberal Walton didn’t have anything to apologize for, I began every take with an apology because these were my friends. Outside of a race of people and what that means to everybody, to these specific individuals that were my buddies, I said, “Man, I’m so sorry!” You just have to go there. And then, I would end it with an apology and we’d go out drinking, later on that night. It’s not easy. It’s awful to say those things. But, you’re in the service of something much greater than yourself and you’re telling a piece of history that is the biggest blight on our history, as a country. It needs to be retold, and I’m a part of that. I’m a color, and he painted with all these incredible colors. I think I’m a color he had a good time with. It changed my life.

  • Speaking of Walton Goggins, I found that gorgeous portrait of the Django Unchained cast in this amazing gallery of Walton Goggins pictures. They’ve got lots of Django Unchained Comic-Con Panel pics, so check it out.
  • Jamie Foxx claims that Samuel L. Jackson’s performance in this film is so good that it intimidated the rest of the cast. “People wouldn’t go to sleep at night because they knew they had to act against Samuel Jackson, the next morning. He was kicking everybody’s ass, in the scene.”  Source  (link contains plot spoiler).
  • Foxx also revealed to MTV that he didn’t find out about the Django Unchained project until he read the online rumors about Will Smith being attached to the film. He claims that he “quickly switched management” after that.
  • Kerry Washington had an interview with Collider about Django Unchained. The most notable thing in it is the part where she reveals that Quentin Tarantino is a Grey’s Anatomy fan (I would have never guessed!). By the way, Washington recently did a photo shoot with Italian Vogue.
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Django Unchained Comic-Con Pictures

Here are several pictures of the Django Unchained panel at Comic-Con. Click here to read about what Django Unchained news was revealed during the panel.

django unchained quentin tarantino comic-con

django unchained comic-con christoph waltz

django unchained jamie foxx comic-con
kerry washington django unchained comic-con

kerry washington django unchained comic-con

don johnson django unchained comic-con
quentin tarantino django unchained comic-con

django unchained comic-con

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Django Unchained Comic-Con News Summary

django unchained comic-con

Perhaps the biggest panel at Comic-Con this year was the Django Unchained panel. Quentin Tarantino, Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz, Kerry Washington, Don Johnson, and Walton Goggins took the stage for an hour to answer audience questions for an hour. Here are the highlights:

  • DC Comics will release a 5-issue Django Unchained comic book miniseries starting in November.
  • Tarantino does not view this as a “slave film,” but rather a “a fairy tale with an evil king having taken over a kingdom, a princess in exile and princes who are coming to save her.”
  • Jamie Foxx talked about he approached his role in the film:  ”"In Texas, being a kid, it was racially charged to be honest with you,” he said. “Being called ‘nigger’ as young kid growing up, by grown people, it’s something I had to deal with, coming from the south. Having that done to me, I was able to grasp that in the script.”
  • Kerry Washington’s thoughts on her character:  ”What makes her strong is her belief in love and that she is deserving of that love in a time where black women weren’t even afforded the luxury of that fantasy,” and “She is the princess who is rescued from the tower and particularly for a black woman, that’s not really an experience that we’ve had historically.”  Washington also revealed that she learned to speak German for the role (and credited Christoph Waltz as one of her teachers).
  • To prepare for the role, Tarantino recommended that Kerry Washington watch The Flame of New Orleans and The Spoilers.
  • Christoph Waltz on how his experience growing up in Austria syncs up with his aloof character:  ”"It corresponded exactly to what I was going through. I had no experience with this whatsoever. I grew up in Vienna, Austria.”
  • Don Johnson claims that he and Tarantino have been talking about working together for awhile. He also claims that Foghorn Leghorn is in the inspiration behind his character’s accent.
  • There is still one week of filming left.

Additionally, the eight minutes that debuted at a private Weinstein Company screening at Cannes was shown to the Comic-Con audience. Unfortunately, this footage isn’t available online yet.

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