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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Harvey Weinstein Interview with Reuters Impact Players TV Program (Video)

Harvey Weinstein recently gave a long interview with Reuters TV Impact Players host Robert Wolf. It’s got everything in there from Oprah Winfrey’s return to acting (Did you know she was acting again? I didn’t), insight into the upcoming film SEAL Team Six, and some complaints about the NFL over the promotion of the new film Silver Linings Playbook. Weinstein rarely gives interviews this long, so it’s worth watching if you’re a fan.

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Possible Connection Between Django Unchained and Kill Bill

kill bill django unchained connection

Reddit has spotted a possible Django Unchained and Kill Bill connection. Here’s a screenshot from Kill Bill Vol. 2 that shows a grave labeled “Paula Schultz.” I wonder if there’s any relation to Dr. King Schultz.

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Django Unchained News Roundup: Possible Screening This Weekend, Vibe Magazine Cover, & More

vibe django unchained cover

The big rumor is that there will be a Django Unchained screening in New York this weekend for film critics and voting groups like the Screen Actors Guild. Showbiz411 claims that the “final sound mix was conducted yesterday and on into today.” Keep in mind, however, that the film was still in editing as recently as three days ago, so we’ll see.

Vibe magazine is all about Django Unchained this month. In addition to the magazine cover, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jamie Foxx, and Kerry Washington gave interviews for a feature article about the film. Although the article does not include major spoilers, they do include details about the film and plot that haven’t been shown in the trailers. If you want to go into the film not knowing too much about it, I recommend avoiding this article for now.  I’m hesitant to give that warning because it’s an otherwise great article worth reading.

If you missed my posts about the new Django Unchained trailer and new Django Unchained soundtrack information, then check them out.

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