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Apologies for the Brief Absence

I’m back and will soon resume posting regular news updates about Django Unchained. I do not intend for there to be anymore unexpected and unexplained lapses in news updates.

I am very sorry that this blog was abandoned for a few weeks without any explanation. What happened was that I had a major move scheduled at the end of July that completely went to shit. I won’t go into all of the gory details, but the most relevant one worth mentioning was that this mess started with Verizon shutting off my internet one week before I was scheduled to move. Verizon did this despite me making five phone calls in advance asking them to change the shut off date and confirming the new date with each CSR I spoke to. The level of customer service I received from them throughout this ordeal was atrocious, even by their usual awful standards.

The loss of internet was completely unexpected, and a major reason why I was unable to make even a quick “taking  a break” post here. Further contributing to the long absence was that my moving date kept getting pushed back, which forced me to keep rescheduling internet installation at my new place.

Thankfully, though, the move is over and I’m beginning to settle into my new place. I have regular internet service and free time again, which means I can go back to making regular Django Unchained news updates.

Finally, I also want to give a very big thank you to my regular readers who are still here despite the lack of updates. I really do appreciate your support and patience.

4 Responses to Apologies for the Brief Absence

  1. Jack says:

    Welcome back

  2. Chase says:

    Always checking up on this site. Glad to hear you are back!

  3. brain says:

    I kept up with it every day…..just to be sure.