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Breaking Down the Django Unchained Trailer: Analysis and Easter Eggs

Ever since the Django Unchained trailer was released a week ago, people have been dissecting it frame-by-frame looking for easter eggs and clues about what to expect from the film. Everything from shots of blood being spilled on cotton fields to images of nooses are being examined in great detail. Here are three articles that point out all of the cool things in the Django Unchained trailer. Although these articles are free of major spoilers, I recommend avoiding them if you’re the type who likes to go into films not knowing much about the plot or characters.

12 Weird Details about Django Unchained  (This is a slideshow, but it’s interesting enough that it’s worth clicking through).

Inside The Trailer For ‘Django Unchained’  (This article examines the minor characters in the trailer. Do not read if you want to avoid plot details about the movie.)

‘Django Unchained’: Five Secrets From The Trailer  (A quick article from MTV.)

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