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Django Unchained News Update: Box Office Figures, History Lessons, Great Interviews & More

Don’t forget to post your thoughts about Django Unchained in our Open Thread! — Django Unchained took in $15 million on Christmas Day, putting it at #2 behind Les Miserables ($18.2 million). The Hobbit came in at #3 with $11.3 million. This makes Django Unchained the fifth highest-grossing Christmas release. — Quentin Tarantino has aContinue Reading

Django Unchained News Update: Walton Goggins, Sidney Poitier, John Legend & More

Last chance to reserve your tickets for Django Unchained’s release tomorrow. You get a free $2 Amazon MP3 credit when you order tickets through Fandango. — The Washington Post published an article about Walton Goggins and how he landed a role in Django Unchained. A great read for Goggins fans! “I texted him and said:Continue Reading