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Harvey Weinstein Interview with Reuters Impact Players TV Program (Video)

Harvey Weinstein recently gave a long interview with Reuters TV Impact Players host Robert Wolf. It’s got everything in there from Oprah Winfrey’s return to acting (Did you know she was acting again? I didn’t), insight into the upcoming film SEAL Team Six, and some complaints about the NFL over the promotion of the new film Silver Linings Playbook. Weinstein rarely gives interviews this long, so it’s worth watching if you’re a fan.

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Django Unchained November News Roundup

gq django unchained

Pictured above is a photograph from GQ’s “Men of Year” issue. Quentin Tarantino and the cast of Django Unchained have been named “Emancipators of the Year” by the magazine. Speaking GQ, Frank Ocean revealed in an interview in the same issue that he wrote a song for Django Unchained.


Despite release being less than a month away, Django Unchained is still in editing. I’m calling it now that we’ll be getting at least one extended Director’s Cut Blu-Ray out of this film.

Jamie Foxx will be hosting SNL on December 8th. Sorry for posting earlier that he was scheduled for November 24th (the article I got that date from has since been edited). Ne-Yo will be the musical guest that night.

There’s chatter that Christoph Waltz will entering the Oscars as a Lead Actor rather than a Supporting Actor for his role in Django Unchained. Jamie Foxx will reportedly compete in the Lead Actor category as well.

Kerry Washington and Jamie Foxx recently gave some fluff interviews about Django Unchained. I expect to see a lot more of these over the next month as we get closer to release.

Empire Magazine is featuring Django Unchained on their covers this month.

empire django unchained

Not Django Unchained-related, but still pretty cool is that Miramax released some exclusive behind-the-scenes stills from Pulp Fiction. Definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of the film.

Speaking of Pulp Fiction, there’s still time to reserve seats for it’s December 6th national re-release in theaters. This is a one night only deal, so get your tickets soon before they’re sold out.

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Reservoir Dogs 15th Anniversary Edition Blu-Ray Marked Down to Only $7.99

reservoir dogs 15th anniversary edition
Amazon has marked down the Reservoir Dog’s Blu-Ray 15th Anniversary Edition has been marked down to only $7.99.  Here’s what the 15th Anniversary Edition has to offer:

  • Improved audio and video over the 10th Anniversary Edition
  • Commentary track featuring Quentin Tarantino, Tim Roth, Michael Madsen, Chris Penn, Kirk Baltz, Lawrence Bender (producer), Andrezj Sekula (cinematographer), Monte Hellman (producer), Sally Menke (editor).
  • Critic commentaries from Peter Travers, Amy Taubin, Emanuel Levy
  • Documentary:  Playing It Fast and Loose
  • Documentary: The Class of ’92: The Memories, The Moments and The Misery of the Sundance Film Festival
  • Feature: Securing The Shot: Location Scouting with Billy A. Fox
  • Pulp Factoids Viewer (a feature similar to Pop-Up Video where film-related trivia pops up throughout the film)
  • Profiling the Reservoir Dogs  (a backstory of the main characters)
  • Reservoir Dogs Tipping Guide
  • Reservoir Dolls:  A re-enactment of the infamous eat-cutting scene as performed by action figures
  • K-Billy Sounds of the 70s (radio feature)
  • Five deleted scenes
  • Numerous interviews
  • Reservoir Dogs Trailer
  • English and Spanish subtitles

Amazon deals don’t usually last more than a day or two, so buy it soon if you’re interested.

Speaking of Reservoir Dogs, there’s still time to reserve tickets to its December 4th national theater release.

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