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Django Unchained Comic News: Issue #2 Release Date, Hardcover Book, and More

This is a variant cover of the Django Unchained Issue #2 comic done by artist Mark Chiarello. Chiarello is best known for his Terminal City covers. Vertigo, who is publishing the comic, claims that Django Unchained Issue #2 will be released on February 13th, 2013. I’ve seen this release date pushed back at least threeContinue Reading

Three Great Articles About Django Unchained That You Must Read

Clothes on Film wrote an excellent piece about Django Unchained’s costumes. Even if you aren’t into fashion or costuming, it’s still a very interesting read. Jamie Foxx too as freed slave Django, at one point mocked for his churh clothes, a baby blue suit with lace cravat, which is exactly what his character would haveContinue Reading