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Choregrapher J.J. Perry Talks About Django Unchained Fight Scenes

j.j. perry

CraveOnline recently did an interview with J.J. Perry, Django Unchained’s Fight Choreographer. Although the bulk of the interview is about other projects Perry is working on, including the upcoming Ender’s Game (he’s in charge of the Battle Room scenes), he did answer a few questions about Django Unchained and working with Quentin Tarantino.

Q:   How does Tarantino direct you?

A:   He’s a genius. I got hired by Jeff Dashnaw, the stunt coordinator, to come in and do a fight. I think they were a fan of what we did on Warrior, that style of fighting and he wanted something that was really gritty. It was a slave fight, almost like a cage fight but not a cage fight. I really can’t say too much more.

P.S. Did you know J.J. Perry was also Nathan Fillion’s stuntman in Serenity and Firefly?  This guy is everywhere!

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