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Connection between The Man with the Iron Fists and Django Unchained

According to the RZA, there’s a connection between his upcoming film The Man with the Iron Fists and Django Unchained. Here’s what he told Movies.com:

Movies.com: Your character the Blacksmith has a backstory as a slave named Thaddeus Henry Smith before he assumes his new alias. Is there a Django Unchained tie-in with him, by any chance?

RZA: Well, I couldn’t do it. We tried to do it. There was a tie! And because of the schedule for Iron Fists, I had to let another character do it. I didn’t make it into the film. The idea was that Thaddeus would be on the auction block. You’ve seen the trailer, when the camera passes by all the guys? So Thaddeus is supposed to be on that line.

I think he’s referring to this shot that appears at 0:11 seconds in the first Django Unchained trailer. There aren’t any shots of a slave auction block in any of the trailers.

django unchained the man with the iron fists

Movies.com: So is the Django tie-in why you wrote the Blacksmith’s backstory into Iron Fists?

RZA: No, when Quentin started writing Django he was up to only page 20, and me and Eli were finished. And we brought in New Year’s together, and we were telling each other stories and kicking it, you know – just guys being guys. “And my scene – I got a scene like this and a scene like that.” So then when Quentin finished Django, he read the whole thing to me – it was 90-some pages at the time. I spent a few days with him. And this is right before I went to China. And then when I came back I was like, “Yo Quentin – we should have Thaddeus… one of the slaves is Thaddeus!” So this way, we’d tie both movies together. And I told him that’d be the ultimate tie-in that’d really rock the fans. And he’s like, “Yeah – you’re right!” But, my schedule f**ked it up.

I wonder what other cool Easter Eggs Tarantino has in store for us!

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