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The Django Unchained Cast Parties in Cancun (Pictures)

django unchained cast

The Django Unchained cast was in Cancun this weekend for Summer of Sony Spring Edition Party. They were there to promote Django Unchained and have some fun, too. Jamie Foxx was especially talkative, and told reporters how he believes that his horse, who was included in the film, helped him win the role of Django.

“I think great projects like this parallel your life. About four years ago, I got a horse. When I met Quentin Tarantino (to be considered for the role), I said, ‘I happen to have my own horse’.”

Tarantino also revealed how he how chose Foxx for the part:

“I had no idea who was going to play it, so I met with six different actors,” said Tarantino. “Jamie came to my house and I was going to put him through the ringer and really test him out. He was the last one I saw. You just know when you meet the guy and I met the guy. He understood and he was the cowboy.”

jamie foxx leonardo dicaprio

quentin tarantino

kery washington django unchained

(Image Credit: USA Today)

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  1. Tom says:

    some friends of my family, were in Baton Rouge last week and they saw something very interesting. will be looking forward to the 25th release date. Natchitoches LA black lake near campti LA plantations near cloutierville on the cane river would all make great location shots as well. please have some one look if you are truly paying homage to Leone be well can’t wait to see it.