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Django Unchained Comic Book News

django unchained comic book

Remember when Quentin Tarantino announced at Comic-Con that there will be a Django Unchained comic book miniseries accompanying the movie? Well, DC Comics has finally released more details about the Django Unchained comic book project. Here’s a quick summary of what we know about the comic so far:

  • R.M. Guéra will be handling the interior art for the entire series. Guéra is most known for his art in the comic book series Scalped.
  • Jim Lee will be drawing the cover of the first issue.
  • Issue #1 will be released on December 5th.
  • Issue #2 will be released on January 2nd.
  • There will be five issues total. The issues will be based on the original screenplay and will include scenes that did not make it into the final cut.

Source:  Ain’t It Cool News