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Django Unchained Costume Sketches

django unchained costumes

Yes, Big Daddy’s costume was indeed inspired by Miami Vice.

Vanity Fair recently published an extremely interesting article about Django Unchained costume designer Sharen Davis. The article includes a slideshow full of Django Unchained costume sketches and inspirations. I highly recommend checking it out.

I’d also like to note that I’ve added a new Behind the Scenes section to the website. This is where I’ll be posting behind the scenes and other production-related pictures from Django Unchained. I included the rest of Sharen Davis’ sketches on this page.

4 Responses to Django Unchained Costume Sketches

  1. Claire Dooley says:

    Printed at te bottom of the opening scene of Django Unchained it reads: “Somewhere in Texas 1858 two years before the start of the Civil War.” The Civil War began in 1861 not 1860.

  2. Robert Enns says:

    Utter, tasteless crap-not to mention factually inept. Said to start in 1858, “2 years before the Civil War”. Odd, since the war ran from 1861 to 1865. Oh, and dynamite-invented by Alfred Nobel-was first formulated in 1863; later patented in 1867. A tad later than the stuff used to blow things sky-high. There are still other gliches, might be fun to count how many but that would involve seriously looking at this mess.

    • Django Unchained Blog says:

      Many would argue that the Civil War began with South Carolina’s secession in 1860. Actual fighting did not occur until 1861.

      Regardless, Tarantino has established in previous films that he does not care or follow historical accuracy, so I feel that arguing over it is a moot point.

  3. steve sterback says:

    their is a scene when they arrive at candyland, the pov is from behind the carriage looking toward django, leo is i n carriage looking toward jamie, leos legs are crossed they cut to pov looking at leo and his legs are uncrossed and in diierent position a total bad edit