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Django Unchained Filming Begins at Evergreen Plantation

django unchained evergreen plantation

Evergreen Plantation

Several readers wrote in to tell me that the Django Unchained production has moved filming to Evergreen Plantation in Wallace, Louisiana, outside of New Orleans.

The National Park Service has a good description of Evergreen Plantation on their website:

Evergreen is significant not only because of the existence of its main building [pictured above] along River Road, but also because of the remains of the plantation complex. With two pigeonniers (structures used by upper-class French for housing pigeons), two garconieries (dwellings for a family’s young boys), a privy, a kitchen, a guesthouse, an overseer’s house, and a double row of 22 slave cabins, Evergreen is unique. It is one of only a handful of plantations that evoke what major plantations resembled in the antebellum period of America’s history.

Sounds like the perfect place to film Calvin Candie’s home.

According to the Evergreen Plantation’s official website, the plantation will be closed to due to filming on Februrary 23-24, and on Feburary 27 – March 9. Local readers should be aware that Highway 18 in front of the plantation will be closed from Feburary 27 – March 9.

Reader Kate mentioned in a previous comment that the upcoming movie Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter was filmed here last summer.

django unchained evergreen plantation

Evergreen Plantation Slave Houses


A Beautiful Scene from Evergreen Plantation

(Image Credits:  New Orleans Plantation Country)

7 Responses to Django Unchained Filming Begins at Evergreen Plantation

  1. Marilyn Brown says:

    I look at these photos and it makes me feel sad,and reflect. I’m Australian and in the last several years my siblings and I have found that our great grand father was a slave. What is called a “ship jumper”. My mother and her siblings certainly had that beautilful resemblance. His name was Henry Robinson. My sister visited the Laura plantation last year as she and I have had this “pull” to visit “a planation” as we get any older. We will never know what plantation,Henry was at,that is a shame, however, I hope to experience the feel and maybe the presence of my ancestors at Evergreen in the very near future.
    Kind regards,

    • bjay says:

      love u gal

    • Gretchen says:

      There are so many beautiful plantations to visit in Louisiana! Oak Alley is one of them. There must be some way you can find out more of your great grandfather. Do you think he was a slave in Louisiana? I hope you find your roots. Slavery is so interesting to me yet so sad.

  2. kate says:

    Leo finally on set last week. He was seen in austin texas on 10th for an event. He flew in from new orleans for a few hours. So i take it they are still filming in New Orelans. were to next i don’t know.

  3. Rhonda says:

    The house itself, Evergreen, is actually Big Daddy’s house in the film Django Unchained. Not Candie’s.

  4. Will says:

    Me and my fam visited Evergreen in Nov. 2012. What a disservice to the tour guide (distant relative to the owners of Evergreen) not to mention this place was the backdrop to this movie.

    While watching the movie, I noticed certain buildings and trees in the movie, and I told my family I betcha that’s Evergreen….which prompted me to your site.

    Grant it, Evergreen is private property, perhaps they didn’t want the publicity. But it’s a great place to visit, due to being the only plantation which still has the most original cabins still standing. It’s an experience all should witness.