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Django Unchained News: Listen to “Unchained,” Quentin Tarantino Has Some Harsh Words, Awards, and More

Django Unchained Soundtrack

You can now listen to the full version of Django Unchained’s main theme song, Unchained (The Payback/Untouchable), on Soundcloud. The James Brown and Tupac mix was done by Tupac’s engineer Claudio Cueni. The soundtrack drops December 18th.

Quentin Tarantino has this response for critics who think Django Unchained is too violent: “I’m here to tell you, that however bad things get in the movie, a lot worse shit actually happened.” 

Tarantino also didn’t hold back any words when discussing the classic miniseries Roots.

When you look at Roots, nothing about it rings true in the storytelling, and none of the performances ring true for me either,” says Tarantino. “I didn’t see it when it first came on, but when I did I couldn’t get over how oversimplified they made everything about that time. It didn’t move me because it claimed to be something it wasn’t. 


Django Unchained made AFI’s Movies of the Year list.

Oscar news: Awards Circuit is reporting that Christoph Waltz will be entered into the Best Actor in a Supporting Role category. He will be competing against Leonardo DiCaprio and Samuel L. Jackson. Considering that the National Board of Review just handed DiCaprio the Best Supporting Actor award for his role as Calvin Candie, this is going to be a tough race.

The original 1966 Django is getting a theatrical re-release on December 21st. Here are the showtimes for the re-release.

Kerry Washington discussed with Oprah the emotional toll filming Django Unchained took on her. She claimed it haunted her to the point where she couldn’t sleep at night.

“We were privileged to shoot on an actual slave plantation in Louisiana and… there was a day that I had to do a scene where my character is whipped for attempting to run away. And one… of the production assistants said to one of the people who works at the plantation, ‘Well, how come that tree doesn’t have any moss?’ And the expert at the plantation said, ‘That was probably a hanging tree.’ And that tree was above the scene where I was being whipped, so I knew that where my character was withstanding these lashes, that someone had died there.


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