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Django Unchained News Update from Jackson Hole, Wyoming

There is an excellent article in the Jackson Hole News & Guide about the recent Django Unchained film shoot in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It’s a good read with lots of detail, and I highly recommend to anyone interested in the Django Unchained production. Here are a few highlights.

Five days of the shoot were spent filming at the Bar BC Ranch. According to the ranch’s marketing manager, the production crew “had some scenes in mind that were specific to an ambush and a rambling scene with the Tetons in the background.” The Tetons are mountains that belong to the Teton Mountain range.

jackson hole django unchained

The Bar BC Ranch in Jackson Hole

The article also mentions that a new scene was added to the movie after the crew stumbled upon elk and bison from the nearby National Elk Refuge.

national elk refuge django unchained

National Elk Refuge

“This site was not planned originally, but when the director saw all the elk along the highway, they wanted to have all their actors walk in and among the elk,” refuge manager Steve Kallin said. “Then they wanted to ride horses in and among the elk.

Tarantino’s crew shot the footage just after the elk had been fed. While the elk were still standing in the feeding area the actors “rode the horses a short distance between the camera and the herd,” Kallin said. “Their crew was very respectful and followed our instructions explicitly.

Additional scenes were shot at Kelly Warm Springs in Grand Teton National Park. No word on what was included in these scenes.

grand teton national park

Grand Teton National Park

The article also notes that Quentin Tarantino rented out a local movie theater to show samurai and Western movies from his own personal collection.

All in all, it sounds like the crew had a wonderful time and a successful shoot. Can’t wait to see the gorgeous Wyoming scenery in HD on the big screen.

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