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Django Unchained Premiere News

django unchained premiere

Django Unchained had its New York City premiere tonight.

The New York Times has a quick write-up of how the premiere went. I enjoyed this quote from Samuel L. Jackson, who plays the Calvin Candie’s slave Stephen:

There on the red carpet was Samuel L. Jackson, talking about his latest turn as a deplorable slave who helps his owner at all costs. “I wanted to play the most hated Negro in cinematic history,” he said.

Vulture has a complete transcript of Quentin Tarantino’s introduction before the film. Here’s my favorite part:

And last but not least, not part of our cast, but part of the emotional experience of this movie … a little story. All of a sudden, we’re shooting towards the last two months of the film, and I get a cassette tape in the mail. By the way, if I had gotten a link or something to plug into my computer, I would have thrown that shit away, because I don’t know how to do that shit, but I got a cassette tape, and that I know how to play. And on the cassette tape was this fantastic song, and with a little letter that said, ‘Hey look, I wrote this and I heard it for your next movie, and I’m gonna send the song to you. I did it, I wrote it for you. If you can use it, great, if you can’t, I appreciate it.’ The song was magnificent, and it was by a man named John Legend. And he’s here tonight! Looking sharp in that blazer, I must say.

Daily Mail and Stylelite have lots of photos from the Django Unchained premiere.

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