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Django Unchained Production Details

django unchained film production information

The fine folks at Film New Orleans.

I’ve received a lot of questions since I started this blog about how to get involved with the Django Unchained project. Let me state upfront that I’m just a blogger and am in no way connected with the Django Unchained cast, crew, or production company. I don’t have Quentin Tarantino’s contact information nor have I ever met the man. I am in no position to make phone calls or pull some strings to get you a job as an extra or as part of the crew.

With that said, here is some publicly available information about the upcoming Django Unchained film shoot that some people may find useful. Django Unchained will begin shooting in New Orleans on February 1st, 2012. Film New Orleans is organizing the shoot, and has far more answers regarding employment and contact information than I do. You can contact the people in charge of the Django Unchained crew through the following publicly-listed email addresses: djangoprodoffice@gmail.com and supercoolresumes@gmail.com. Please direct your questions to them and not me.

Keep in mind that movie extras are typically hired locally. I have received emails from as far away as Africa asking me how they can get a job as an extra in Django Unchained. I’m sorry to break it to you, but nobody is going to fly you halfway across the world for a non-speaking role as an extra. If you want to be an extra, then you need to be able to show up to casting calls in person and on your own dime.

Let’s assume that you’re in the New Orleans area and want to be a Django Unchained extra. What do you do then? Again, I strongly recommend visiting Film New Orleans website and reading their through extremely helpful guide to becoming an extra. Film New Orleans has several suggestions for finding employment, including joining casting websites, keeping an eye on the New Orleans Craig’s List job listings, and contacting film-related meetup groups. There are links to all of those things in the guide linked above.

Hopefully this information has been a help to people who stumbled in here looking for Django Unchained contact information. This is the most information I can offer about this particular matter, so please do not contact me with any further questions. I won’t be able to answer them.

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