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Download the Official Django Unchained Screenplay for Free

Django Unchained Script

You can now legally download the Django Unchained screenplay for free. The Weinstein Company publicly released it today as part of their award season campaign.

Official Django Unchained Screenplay Download (.PDF)

Thanks, Bleeding Cool.

6 Responses to Download the Official Django Unchained Screenplay for Free

  1. Antonio says:

    It’s funny how this guys decided to uploaded it for free download… I got it since it was leaked… May-June 2011? … It would be great that movie studios do this with most movie scripts :)

    • Django Unchained Blog says:

      There have been significant rewrites and a brand new ending since the first script was leaked in 2011. I haven’t checked to see if this is the same one that was leaked, or if this is the latest one with rewrites included (I don’t want to read this in case it is the new one–I’d prefer to be surprised while watching the film).

      I agree that more studios should release their screenplays for free.

      • Antonio says:

        I hardly doubt that this one is the rewrite version, I haven’t checked it neither, but since the movie has not yet been released it wouldn’t bee a good TWC tactic to release the rewrite script with all the story changes… Don’t you think? Besides, the number of pages is still the same (168) they just incorporated two more pages to this .pdf version of the script… I mean, the ones with all the TWC stuff…
        In fact, I’ve been comparing this one with the leaked one and the only change I see is that they’ve eliminated the draft date from the front cover (the Quentin’s one) ’cause all the other pages look exactly the same…
        Hope that when they publish the script, they publish the rewrite one…

        *By the way, an apology if there’s any mistake in my English

  2. Augusto A. says:

    I think this is the same version that leaked earlier this year. The changes that we know have been made since then include some new lines, a small change to the ending, some characters got merged together and a few had their roles expanded and most significantly, the entire section of the script dealing with Scotty Harmony and Broomhilda was apparently completely cut from the film. That’s a shame, as I really liked those scenes and they developed the character of Broomhilda a little more, but I doubt the exclusion of those bits are going to be such a big problem in the finished film.

  3. Thanks to QT for providing multiple grand “showcase” scenes for the Django Unchained cast of brilliance. And all in one rivoting film! Leonardo’s dinner scene is a masterpiece. The movie also is a catharsis for Americans as we continue to peacefully lay the horrors of slavery to rest in our collective psyche.
    The soundtrack was a delightful collage in an ever driving screenplay.

  4. Dave Wylz says:

    I read the script when it leaked, which was the first draft, and after I watched the movie, and it did not seem like it was the same film as what I read. It was definitely different from what I read. There were scenes added and taken away, and characters removed such as Ace Woody, and Scott Harmony. There was one scene where Scott harmony lost Broonhilda to Calvin candie in a poker game, than got shot, among other scenes that w
    ere taken out. A was afraid thatit would take too much out of the movie,cuz they were really good scenes, but after seeing it, it was just fine and was surely made the way it was suppose to.
    In fact, it is my new favorite.