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The Jackie Brown Prequel Has Been Confirmed

jackie brown prequel

This has nothing to do with Django Unchained, but the fervid Quentin Tarantino fans who read this blog may find this news interesting. Variety has just confirmed that a Jackie Brown prequel, called Switch, has already been cast and production has been scheduled for May. Unfortunately, Quentin Tarantino has nothing to do with this project. The screenplay was written by Dan Schechter and will also be directed by him. Elmore Leonard, the author of Rum Punch (from which Jackie Brown was adapted), has read the script and given it his blessing.

Here’s how Variety describes the movie:

Set 15 years before the events in “Jackie Brown,” story follows career criminals Ordell and Louis as they team up to kidnap Mickey Dawson, the wife of a corrupt Detroit real estate developer. When the husband refuses to pay the ransom for his wife’s return, the ex-cons are forced to reconceive their plan, and the angry housewife uses the duo to get her revenge.

John Hawkes will play Robert De Niro’s character (Louis), and Yasiin Bey (aka Mos Def) will play Samuel L. Jackson’s (Ordell).

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