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Kevin Smith Interview with Michael K. Williams

Michael K. Williams Django Unchained

Michael K. Williams fans have been begging Quentin Tarantino to cast Michael in Django Unchained ever since the movie was first announced. Fan videos have been made. Fans grew even more excited when Michael’s former coworker, Idris Elba, was rumored to be auditioning for the lead.   And now Kevin Smith has joined the bandwagon.

Kevin Smith interviewed Michael K. Williams in his latest Smodcast and Django Unchained came up in conversation. According to Michael himself, he has read the script and feels that the role is perfect for him. Kevin Smith, who is friends with Quentin Tarantino, said that he is going to talk to Quentin and “do what he can”.

MIKE: Oh, that script has my name on it. And, you know, once again to quote your lovely wife “Everything happens for a reason” and I feel like the planets are lining up for me right now. And me being clear, on a personal level – the hard work that I’ve done, and I’ve been called and blessed to do. I just feel I’m in a point right now where, for the first time in my career, I really feel I deserve an opportunity to be part of a project like this, you know, and I’ve never been able to say that ever. I want my shot, and I’ma claim it. No disrespect to someone whos career that I admire… which is Mr. Smith, but I —

KEVIN: You want that role.

MIKE: I want that role, and that script, that character… It has my name on it.

KEVIN: I’m gonna make sure he gets it, dude. I’m gonna make sure he hears that. That’s a passionate plee, and he’s gotta know your work, man. That dude watches EVERYTHING! I’m gonna do what I can. I’m gonna make sure this document gets in his hands. He’ll be like “OH, OH! LET ME TALK TO HIM!”

A very helpful IMDB user transcribed the entire Django Unchained part of the interview.  You can read the full transcript here.


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