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New Django Unchained Picture: Leonardo DiCaprio as Calvin Candie


Calvin Candie must love his tobacco. Every Django Unchained still of him so far has depicted him smoking:

django unchained first look

django unchained official picture

As a side note, DiCaprio was seen smoking an electric cigarette outside of the Django Unchained set. Hopefully this role didn’t deter him from kicking his real life smoking habit.

2 Responses to New Django Unchained Picture: Leonardo DiCaprio as Calvin Candie

  1. Denise A. says:

    Why in the world would we need another movie about slavery? African-American’s in Hollywood have a difficult time getting work. As such, the only time you see a large proportion of African-American’s in film is when it’s a gang story, a maid story, or a slave story! Quentin rarely features African-American’s in his film and YET here is the opportunity to do so and he comes up with a slave story! We deserve better. There is no need to tell a story of our past when we rarely see stories of our present; loving families – with father’s present; law abiding, Church-going, Bible-believing US citizens that happen to be African-American. I guess that work takes too much creativity. It’s easy to “rest” on the past because you don’t have to come up with anything creative. I’m appalled!