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New Information About the Official Django Unchained Teaser Poster

official django unchained teaser poster

In my previous post about the official Django Unchained teaser poster, I expressed disappointment with its similarities to popular fan art. Since then, Federico Mancosu, the artist of a popular fan-made Django Unchained poster, left the following comment, which adds some important context to the situation:

Hi, to avoid confusion and misunderstandings, I want to emphasize this: many people are asking me if the Django Unchained official teaser poster, that the Weinstein Company has officially announced few hours ago, was created by me. As agreed with the movie production companies, they have acquired the rights of my artworks and they are free to use and/or modify them according to their tastes and needs, the final result is this beautiful minimalist teaser poster developed by their creative team. As you can see, the artwork is drawn and inspired by the elements and the colors already present in my posters and used for the promotion of the movie (like Twitter or Facebook official profiles, etc.).

Federico Mancosu

Thank you for clearing this up, Federico. Congratulations on having your artwork enter the mainstream! You certainly earned it.

I apologize for misreading the situation and being too reactionary in my previous post. I’m very glad that Federico has received much-deserved credit for his work, and that this isn’t a case of The Weinstein Company cheaping out or outright copying his style.

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