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New Walton Goggins Interview about Django Unchained and Justified

walkton goggins django unchained
Walton Goggins recently did an interview with GQ. While the interview is largely focused on Justified, Goggins did answer a few questions about working with Quentin Tarantino in Django Unchained:

GQ: You’re filming Django Unchained with Quentin Tarantino right now. How has that experience been?

Walton Goggins: The last year of my life has been extraordinary, from the Emmys to doing G.I. Joe to working with Steven Spielberg, and now getting to work with another hero of mine, Quentin Tarantino. This movie is radical. It’s like a kid walking into a candy store, to use a trite, overused metaphor. I can’t believe it. I just started work this week, and my very first day, I’m looking up, and there’s Quentin. I’m in Quentin’s world, in his imagination. His cinematic acumen is unparalleled, and he’s able to draw from all these resources, which are all the movies that have ever been made. He’s seen most, if not all of them, and he really is an auteur. He’s a savant auteur who is as passionate and as playful as any artist I’ve ever worked with. His enthusiasm is infectious, and the story is a movie that only Quentin Tarantino could make.

Goggins also revealed that Quentin Tarantino is a fan of Justified. Not surprising at all considering both Justified and Jackie Brown are adaptations of Elmore Leonard novels.

GQ: Is Tarantino a big Justified fan? I’d have to imagine that he would be.

Walton Goggins: He is, yeah. No one has been able to really pull Elmore Leonard off on television, but I think we’ve been given a fantastic show. And having done Jackie Brown, Quentin is a huge Elmore fan.

While I’m thrilled that Walton Goggins’ career is really taking off, he will always and forever be Shane Vendrell to me. The Shield will always have a special place in my heart.

4 Responses to New Walton Goggins Interview about Django Unchained and Justified

  1. Jerrod hall says:

    I have also been a fan of Walton Goggins since The Shield. I love the fact that his career is taking off.

  2. Shaka Wilson says:

    I am about to watch Chrystal. I am a real fan. Does he have a website or a place where fan mail can be sent?

  3. simon lomax says:

    he’s a great actor walton goggins, i’m a huge shield fan, kinda sympathised with shane, not as much as lem, since it was he who killed lem, but none were as evil as vic macay who was superbly played by chikilis, the whole cast was brilliant, the glenn close season stands out as does the forrest whitaker performance. miss that show. goggins is doing great on justified though with the ultra cool timophy “bullock” olyphant. deadwood was another of my favourite and very much missed shows.