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Open Thread: Post Your Thoughts About the 2013 Academy Awards Nominations

django unchained oscars

Here’s the complete list of all the Academy Award Nominations Django Unchained Received:

  • Best Picture
  • Best Supporting Actor, Christoph Waltz
  • Best Original Screenplay
  • Best Cinematography
  • Best Sound Editing

Here is the full list of 2013 Academy Award Nominees.

Please post your thoughts about the nominations. Did the Academy get it right this year? Who will win? Who deserves to win? Are you shocked that Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t receive a nomination as many critics expected he would?

6 Responses to Open Thread: Post Your Thoughts About the 2013 Academy Awards Nominations

  1. Faith Bowman says:

    It sounds about right, actually. Le was great, Samuel L. Jackson was incredible- but politically and socially the roles are problematic. That’s my opinion. Even though they’ve nominated people for playing like, lesbian serial killers, Calvin Candie and Stephen may have been to much for everyone.

    Jamie Foxx was adequate, but even though he’s the guy n the poster, it didn’t feel like the led role. it was close, but Christoph Waltz’s character had the emotional complexity and moral ambiguity to be that lead role. Dr. King Schultz drove the story, and without him Django would not have been able to continue on his own. Funny, right? There is no story if Shultz just drops Django and says auf wiedersehein.

    I’m glad Quentin took it for best screenplay, and the cinematography was gorgeous. It made me want to ride off into the sunset.

    I’m going to have my fingers crossed for Django. It makes me excited that the genius of the film overall was recognized and I hope that it wins for Best Picture, if nothing else.

    • QBN says:

      I see it as they both needed each other to a certain point.. if Schultz doesn’t find Django he doesn’t get to find the Brittle brothers.. and the story couldn’t move forward. Actually, Django has to save himself at the end, because Schultz put him in danger by shooting Candie!

  2. Danyelle Hampton says:

    No surprise, but the black actors did a awesome job! they all deserved a nod…

  3. I actually loved the film. I would love the action figures of Django and Broomhilda but they are over priced. As a person from a Tri-racial back ground,and being black in the United States, I loved the film. I have no idea what the controversy is about the film. African slaves although most of them were shipped to South America and the Caribbean, slave here in the United States suffered harsh abuse by sadistic slave masters that ran rapid. I know that slavery in South America and the caribbean was terrible as well, but here blacks were out numbered by whites and were treated so sadistically and unfair, much of the oppression still lingers today. There is the prison system in palce instead of the slavery and the 13th Amendment that could imprison any one and many of the laws during the ” Black Codes ” after slavery did just that put blacks in prison for ridiculous things, all ending in criminalizing the culture and whites took from the culture what they wanted like rock ‘n’roll. Today it’s also okay for everybody to eat grits and collard greens. Not to be eaten together. Anyway I felt in the film I saw images that reminded me of Kara Walker’s art work. I liked getting that. I shut my eyes to the violence but the same violence is other black exploitated slave films like Mandingo and Drum also I believe produced by Italians from Italy. The start of the film was great because it was a total spaghetti western with fonts. I believe the director also loved Ennio Morricone’s score and elaborated with that in the italian song, which I was able to understand very well,l having myself lived in italy for 7 years. I felt the violence against blacks in the film was true. That is how whites kept slaves during slavery, not with loving kindness but with brut force. Slavery in the America’s was all about selling human flesh. There was no love. just sadistic sickness unleashed. I don’t think there is any other way this story could have been told. The state of violence and racism today is in fact the end result to slavery and it’s affects on the black race in the United States, Cuba, Brazil, Venezuela, Puerto Rico and Jamaica to just name a few and the violence that exist, the hard lives that are alive all come to be who they are because of the violence, rapes and murders that happened to blacks and their offspring through out slavery. i have a confederate general Great, Great, Great Grandfather, I have black grandfathers and 4 generations of Tri Racial( Indian, white and Black) Grandmothers. I am black. I felt that finally the painful and disgusting treatment of blacks is seen in the film because it was slavery. The act of buying the action figures is in a way buying off the auction block again, The two black slave figures Broomhilda and Django are going for a ridiculous price. Not too many black slave descendants can afford to share in that. Where is the money for buying Broomhilda at $999.00 Strange Fruit that Tarantino. Oh in the film they say “Nigger ” over and over. Ya know what that is what white people did during slavery and after. It was used so much that blacks call each other ” Nigger ” even to this day. Blacks do what they were allowed to do and the only thing they could do is embrace self hate and embrace racism. To vent and beat or rape another black was never against the law. To call another nigger meant nothing. It sores blacks to hear this because they can not correctly embrace the hell they have been living through correctly. I mean that sadistic era was how many of us were formed, it is the reason why we look the way we do ( mixed race blood). It os our reality and many of us need counseling to just to get through what our grandparents and family members some times did not. My grandmother today calls all the blacks “niggers” and all the whites “crackers”. She is a North Carolina woman and she looks full blood Native Cherokee, she is how ever Tri-racial. Some who do not know what an Native person looks like think she is white. She is not. My other side of the family calls blacks “spooks”. They too are black Americans from Georgia, also mixed with Cherokees from the Georgia mountains. Those were the words that were used. Now if a black director decided to film Django what would be different? It is a Spaghetti Western with a Black American slave theme. I think there should be more films and stories about the topic. We in this country have airplane loads of new comers that are white and Asian and are ignorants of black peoples plight in America and they are ignorant of America’s history because they are in some spectrums continuing on a new racism against blacks in their own country which they built and contributed blood bucket loads to maintain and build this country, yet our prisons there is racial disparity in which Blacks are dominating, Latino’s too because many of them are black. Blacks are dying of disease and poverty and misery right here in the United States. All of this is due to the crimes that continued to happen over 500 years of abuse to blacks in the ” New World”. What did they think would be the result of blacks in the world today? The Favela’s in Brazil, Our ghetto’s here and in the caribbean are all a product of the after effects of The Atlantic Slave Trade. Thank you for bringing some more light on the topic. I think with Lincoln the movie and Beast of The Southern Wild along with this, the public must embrace this countries foundations in BLACK!

  4. c says:

    I loved the movie! Why WEREN’T any of the Black Actors NOMINATED?
    Christoph Waltz should win Best Supporting Actor!!


  5. Jackie says:

    I adore this movie. I loved it. Some of my favorite actors, good script and Quentin. I am so sick of this knee-jerk reaction some people give on this topic. They should be glad, the slave is the hero and all the things some people have complained about for years are showcased in this movie. It was very honest. A very honest movie. I say grow up, does that word still hurt your feelings? By the way I’m qualified by the race police to say that because I’m colored. Colored, black, negro, just words sweeties, just words. Some people need to grow up and that victim/backstabbing hypocrite bleeding heart liberal tag-team thing is getting old. Good movie.