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Sacha Baron Cohen is Officially Out of Django Unchained

sacha baron cohen django unchained

Sacha Baron Cohen told Howard Stern today that he had to drop out of Django Unchained due to scheduling conflicts. According to Baron Cohen, the Django Unchained shooting schedule interfered with the press tour for his upcoming film, The Dictator. Baron Cohen didn’t offer any other insight into the film other than to say that he had to leave the project.

It seems the role of Scotty Harmony (Baron Cohen’s role)  is cursed. The role was originally offered to Jonah Hill, but Hill also had to turn it down due to scheduling conflicts. Who will end up with the part now? Nobody is willing to tell the media just yet, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Below is an audio excerpt of the Howard Stern interview. Baron Cohen talks about Django Unchained around the 6:57 mark. Don’t get too excited though, because he only talks about the movie for about ten seconds. Part One of the interview is here, and it’s worth listening to if you’re a Baron Cohen fan. It’s not the usual fluff or in-character hijinks.

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