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Official Django Unchained Animated GIFs

If you haven’t visited the official Django Unchained website in awhile, then check it out. It just got a major update that allows you to take a virtual tour of Candyland and Bennett Manor while listening to some awesome music from the Django Unchained soundtrack. While you take the virtual tour, you can find some animated .gifs plus wallpaper and Facebook covers from the movie.  Overall, the new website is very well done and worth taking the time to explore.

Also included with the update is new related website: Tarantino Shoots You. This site has video from Quentin Tarantino himself and let’s you submit your own webcam video. I admittedly didn’t explore this site as much as the updated official one, so let me know what you think of it in the comments.

Below, I’ve gathered together all of the official Django Unchained animated .gifs from the website. Enjoy!

django unchained candyland


django unchained


Official Django Unchained GIF


Official Django Unchained GIF


Official Django Unchained GIF


Official Django Unchained GIF


Official Django Unchained GIF


Official Django Unchained GIF


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Short Article About M.C. Gainey and the Louisiana Film Industry

m.c. gainey django unchained

Scene Weekly recently published an article about M.C. Gainey and the Louisiana film industry (pgs. 28-29). M. C. Gainey is most famous for his roles as Mr. Friendly in Lost and Bo Crowder in Justified, and he spends most of the article talking about his experiences on both shows (Warning: major spoilers for both shows are included in the article).

The most interesting part of the article is where he discusses how the Louisiana film industry has changed over the last few years. Film productions used to go to New Orleans to shoot low-budget films, but now the low labor and production costs are attracting $80 million major blockbusters. Indeed, in addition to Django Unchained, other blockbusters that have been recently filmed in Louisiana include The Expendables 2 and the upcoming Ender’s Game. It will certainly be interesting to see where this trend of filming major movies outside of California goes over the next few years.


P.S. Big thanks to Richie J. Ladner who sent me this article. I really appreciate it when readers send me links and fan art! Feel free to email me or leave a comment when you see something that you think should be posted here.

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Massive Django Unchained News Update

Django Unchained

…And we’re back.

Apologies for the delay. Real life matters interrupted regular posting, but we’re back to reporting Django Unchained news again. With production starting this November, the news should be picking up quite a bit.

Rather than writing several single small updates, I’m cramming everything into one giant update. Here’s what has happened since the last post.


Django Unchained Cast Update

Kevin Costner has dropped out of the project due to scheduling conflicts.

Kurt Russell will be taking over Costner’s Role as Ace Woody.

Don Johnson, Tom Savini, and Gerald McRaney have joined the cast as villanious plantation owners whom, according to Variety, “meet Django and Schultz while in pursuit of a bounty.”

Michael K. Williams claims that Quentin Tarantino has written a supporting role in Django Unchained just for him. He also claims in the same interview that he was at one point considered for the lead role.

Dennis Christopher will play Calvin Candie’s lawyer.

M.C. Gainey, whose biggest role to date has been Mr. Friendly on Lost, has been cast as a rapist (link contains details about the role and possible spoilers).

Laura Cayoutte has signed on to play Calvin Candie’s sister.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in talks with Quentin Tarantino to join the Django Unchained cast. No word yet on what role he’ll play.


Django Unchained Production Update

Django Unchained will be filmed in New Orleans. Production begins in November.

Christoph Waltz dislocated his pelvic bone in pre-production training for Django Unchained.

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