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There is No Official Django Unchained Trailer or Leaked Footage Yet

django unchained trailer


There is no official Django Unchained Trailer yet. There are no leaked Django Unchained clips yet. Anything claiming otherwise is fake.

There are several Youtube videos and torrents floating around the internet claiming to be the official Django Unchained trailer. Even worse, some videos are claiming to be the unreleased film itself. These videos are scams at best, computer viruses at worst. The way the scam works is that the Youtube page or downloaded torrent file will ask you to visit a website to access the real video. This website will either infect your computer with a virus, phish for your personal information, or try to get you to sign up for surveys and offers. Avoid these websites like the plague. If a Youtube video or torrent tells you to visit a different website to access the video you want to see, it’s a scam. Ignore it and close the tab.

About the Official Django Unchained Trailer Release Date

You may be wondering at this point when the official Django Unchained trailer will be released. At the time I’m writing this, there is no official word about the trailer’s release date. Django Unchained is still being filmed, and will continue film over the next several weeks. After filming, it will go through editing, and only then will one of Tarantino’s underlings be able to put together a film trailer (although it wouldn’t surprise me if Tarantino himself took over this task).  So my own personal guess as to when the Django Unchained trailer will be released? During the Summer 2012 movie season. Possibly Memorial Day weekend at the very earliest.

Whenever the official trailer is released (or leaked), I’ll be posting about it here as soon as possible without all of the scams, computer viruses, or BS. Be sure to follow me on RSS or Twitter so that you don’t miss it!

3 Responses to There is No Official Django Unchained Trailer or Leaked Footage Yet

  1. kate says:

    Been following Samual L Jackson Twitter. He’s been Back in LA for a week. Theres been a report that Taratino was seen in Austin Texas along with
    DiCaprio for the SXSW event. They should be close to finishing this film, as they started in Octber last year.

  2. Robert Hill says:

    The Django trailer will be released with Expendables 2.

  3. sharon says:

    Hey thanks for the info. I found out about this new
    Tarantino film at the Drudge report. There is something
    posted on Youtube but that is exactly as you described it a scam.I am looking forward to the movie though
    sounds interesting.