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Three Great Articles About Django Unchained That You Must Read

Clothes on Film wrote an excellent piece about Django Unchained’s costumes. Even if you aren’t into fashion or costuming, it’s still a very interesting read.

django unchained jamie foxx blue suit

Jamie Foxx too as freed slave Django, at one point mocked for his churh clothes, a baby blue suit with lace cravat, which is exactly what his character would have chosen when left alone with freedom and money for the first time.

Check out this insightful read:  “Django Unchained Producer’s Diary: Part 1” (scroll down past the Django Unchained trailer to read it). This was written by Reginald Hudlin who is credited as a producer in Django Unchained. You may know him from his work as executive producer of The Boondocks.

“But the most powerful statement was from one of the background actors who introduced himself as a local minister. He told me that working on the film all week had inspired one of his greatest sermons. He said that after seeing what our ancestors went through, there was no reason for them to have any hope that life would ever change. Yet they did have faith in the future … and that faith was rewarded. The proof is all of us working together on this project.”

The Django Unchained Primer is an excellent list of films that Furious Cinema believes may have influenced Django Unchained. Regardless of whether Furious Cinema is correct or not, the films listed here are very much worth checking out.

The following handpicked guide contains some of the genre films we think (after reading the script) have influenced Django Unchained. Some of the films are directly referenced while others are more educated guesses on our part. We highly recommend seeking out these titles and familiarizing yourself with them just to get an idea of where Quentin is coming from.

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