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Will Leonardo DiCaprio Play the Villain in Django Unchained?

leonardo dicpario django unchained

Huge News!  The latest Django Unchained rumor is that Leonardo DiCaprio has signed on to play the film’s villain.  DiCaprio will play Calvin Candie, a plantation owner who is holding Django’s wife captive.  According to the Guardian Film Blog:

Calvin Candie, who apparently doesn’t turn up until the second half of the film, Kill Bill style. According to those who have read the leaked screenplay, Candie is the plantation owner who Django must kill, an eccentric who adores French culture and demands to be called “monsieur” – but doesn’t actually speak the language.

Interesting trivia:  Quentin Tarantino initially wanted DiCaprio for the role of Hans Landa in Inglourious Basterds, but DiCaprio turned the role because he felt it should go to a native German speaker instead.

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