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Choosing The First Dab Rig For You

Maybe you have taken some few dabs and thought it is time you setup your own. Over the last few years, a lot of concentrates have evolved just like the pieces that can help you enjoy the concentrates. However, the fact that there are hundreds of them on the market can be quite intimidating if you are yet to one a rig before. In this post, you will learn some basics behind dabbing. In this way, you will have the knowledge you need to pick the right dab rig, which will serve you for many years to come.

Finding a dab rig


tvwed6chw7eduji92k2The standard dab rig consists of three main parts: a heating element known as a nail, glass piece, and the torch lighter that heats your nail. When it is done appropriately, dabbing is similar to vaping than smoking since little concentrates combusts. This explains why most features that make an equipment ideal for smoking making it a bad choice for dabbing.

You should note that small Dab Rigs are quite cheaper, efficient, and economical. When choosing your dab rig, you should think about the most important part of the rig, which is the nail or the heating element.

The nail

It is known as the heart of a dab rig. It is used to heat the concentrate to just above vaporization point. Depending on your preferences, you have some choice of material, glass, quartz, titanium, and ceramic. Although there is evidence supporting this, the scientific facts behind the material are well-understood. The fact is that the choice of material will not have any effect on the flavor. However, it will affect how the temperature of the heating element.

You should note that glass nail does not retain heat well. Moreover, it is going to break down at a given point. Ceramic nails will also break but not like glass. The two good options recommended are titanium and quartz.

Titanium versus quartz

tgwed5cgw7dcui22You cannot go wrong with any of these dab rigs. For instance, titanium nail is stayed hot for an extended period, and it is impossible to break. However, the nails can overheat and even burn your concentrate. On the other hand, it is not possible to overheat a quartz nail. It cools down quickly resulting in having cool hits. It may be a disappointing and frustrating way of wasting your concentrate. For me, you can stick to the titanium nail if you can afford it.