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A Guide To Whiskey Barrel Tables


Whiskey barrels – it brings to dingy mind ships, cavernous cellars with mice scuttling about. Can you imagine one in your home? With a few changes, the barrel can be converted to almost any furniture you require. One of the more popular of such furniture are whiskey barrel tables. Large, round, and wooden, the barrel forms solid table stands.These tables can be tailored to suit your needs. Just keep in mind the fundamentals, and you can have a regular table or one that reflects your artistic side.



The most important aspect of the table is the type of top placed over it. The entire cast of the table changes if the shape or material of the top is altered. Round (most commonly used), square, rectangular – there are no limits to how the top can be designed.

Though wooden tops are the norm, glass tops go well with the whiskey barrel, especially since the whole structure remains visible. You can also try the metal tops for their ease of maintenance.


The tables come in all shapes and sizes, depending on how the barrel is cut and placed. The simplest table contains the whole barrel with a table top; more customized versions have the barrel cut in half lengthwise or by width, thereby drastically changing the height and look of the table.


On the other hand, the tables can be made longer by adding barrels next to each other and placing wider tops on them. These alterations can come in handy when you have a large group of people to serve.


RTRTERTA typical barrel is made of oak – it has been since the Romans were thinking deep philosophical thoughts and conquering the world. For a vintage table, the aged white oak would be a good choice to bring some old fashioned chic into your home. However, you are not limited to oak or even wood – there are concrete barrels or those made of stainless steel. If you want to stick to nature, there are mixed ones, which are composed of multiple kinds of oak. These fusion barrels contain oak from France, Eastern Europe, or America.

Where To Use Them

They are usually found in pubs or bars that have re purposed the barrels into tables. However, that does not mean that they have to remain hidden in the dim lights forever. A barrel table on the terrace or patio looks great from afar. They bring warmth into any room that needs a coffee table. As they become increasingly trendy, you will often find restaurants making good use of their bulk.

Other Uses For Your Barrel

If you ever find yourself wondering what to do with a barrel you have lying around, and you do not need more tables in the house, you can always make something different out of it. It can be turned into an unconventional sink in the kitchen or be cut into two cushioned chairs.